In addition to seeds, we offer a range of services and goods in relation to seeds.


Several seeds of various species require pre-treatment for up to one year before the seeds will germinate.

We help implement pre-treatment of the seed, provided that the order has been received in due time. This is one year before desired delivery of hardwood seeds, and at least six months before desired delivery of softwood seeds.

We also offer additives to assist during pre-treatment and sowing. 

Seed calculation

Knowledge gained from our work with the seed must, as far as possible, accompany the seed batch to the customer. Consequently, we offer a suggested seed calculation as a new service.

The seed calculation should be seen only as a suggestion as we do not have the knowledge required about actual conditions, sowing time and individual wishes for each batch.

Seed calculation can be ordered with the seed.
Price: EUR 20.00 each. 

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