Christmas trees and greenery species

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Botanical name English name Provenance Download sheet
Abies bornmülleriana Nordmann fir Bolu Kokez, TR  
Abies fraserii Fraser fir Roan Mountain US  
Abies koreana Korean fir Truust L.126 DK PDF
Abies nordmanniana Nordmann fir Vallø FP.620 DK PDF 
    Borjomi, Tadzrisi GE  
    Ambrolauri Tlugi GE PDF
    Apsheronsk, Guamka RU  
Abies procera Noble fir C.E. Flensborg FP.623 DK PDF
    C.E. Flensborg F.857 DK PDF
    Bidstrup F.545 DK PDF
    Mølleskoven F.681 DK  
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Cypres DK  
Cryptomeria japonica Japanese cedar Bregnetved L.267 DK PDF
Picea abies Norway spruce Lundbæk F.470 DK  
Picea pungens Blue spruce Dolores Royal Blue US (from Misty Blue)  
    Apache, USA  
    Kaibab, USA  
Pinus peuce Macedonian pine Truust L.225 DK PDF