Tophøj Plantation

Area: 32.28 hectares including seed orchards of 31.2 hectares, 
Established seed orchards: 17, Primary production: forest tree species, 
Latitude: 56.526122, Longitude: 9.483347

Tophøj Plantation is located a few kilometres north of Viborg near the village - Løvel. The property was left to Hedeselskabet by the farm owner, Hans Søndergaard, who wanted his farm property to be planted with trees and turned into forests.

In the autumn of 2008, HD Seed took over operations of the property to establish seed orchards with a wide range of tree and bush species.

The last section of the property was planted in the spring of 2013 and Hans Søndergaard's wishes for a forest property had been met.

New genetics

Genetics used in most of the new seed stands are all new and have yet to be known and tested in Denmark but as they have been carefully selected for each purpose, we have high hopes that progeny from these stands will outperform the genetics currently used.