Mourier-Petersen Plantation

Established: 1998, Area: 334 hectares, Primary production: tree production, Latitude: 56.080442, Longitude: 8.425784.

Mourier-Petersen Plantation is located between the towns of Ringkøbing and Videbæk. The property is owned by Plantningsselskabet Steen Blicher A/S.

Plantningsselskabet Steen Blicher A/S was established in 1898 to mark the 50th anniversary of the death of the Danish poet Steen Steensen Blicher in 1848. This anniversary was widely celebrated and many things were named after him, including the planting company founded in 1898 by more than 500 shareholders. Today, there are some 100 shareholders in the company which owns forests in both Denmark and France.

Mourier-Petersen Plantation was established by purchasing 894 hectares of moorland in 1898. The plantation was named after the first chairman of the Hedeselskabet's Committee of Representatives, Mr. Ferdinand Mourier-Petersen, chamberlain of Rugaard in Djursland. In the past, the plantations were often named after persons with special relations to Hedeselskabet.

HD Seed took over operations of 3 hectares in the autumn 2004 to establish a seed orchard of hybrid larch (Larix eurolepis).