Laugesen Plantation

Established: 1994, Area: 25.39 hectares distributed on seed orchard, Christmas tree areas and pasture, Seed orchards established: 10 distributed on 10.5 hectares, Primary production: forest trees, bushes and tree species for the production of greenery, Latitude: 56.410797, Longitude: 9.66637.

Laugesen Plantation is located a few kilometres north of the town of Bjerringbro.

The plantation is named after Jens Hougaard Laugesen, a farmer who left the 25.4 hectares estate to Hedeselskabet on his death in 1994.

Hedeselskabet chooses to use the estate to develop the industry and to support the company's forestry activities. Today, the area is used for trials with Christmas trees and greenery and the production of forest seeds.