C.E. Flensborg Plantation

Established: 1953, Area: 703 hectares, Latitude: 56.626493, Longitude: 9.409876

C.E. Flensborg Plantation, situated near Uldum north of Viborg, was established during World War II from a large number of moor plots acquired which, combined, formed an area of 703 hectares. Planting was carried out after the war, and the plantation was named after the then managing director of Hedeselskabet, C.E. Flensborg.


In 1953, Hedeselskabet made the decision to set up its own Forest Seed Centre in order to supply seeds to its own nurseries.

C.E. Flensborg Plantation then formed the framework for the establishment of a large number of seed orchards and trials, from which forestry in Denmark and abroad is reaping the full benefits.


C.E. Flensborg Plantation is owned by HedeDanmark. The climate at C.E. Flensborg Plantation must be considered relatively severe with an annual precipitation of 600 mm, often with a risk of night frost in late spring.